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Some of the snowmelt flowing in the Blue River as it joins the Colorado River photo

State officials gear up for “difficult conversations” on the Colorado River

The seven U.S. states that share Colorado River water will soon renegotiate water management guidelines.
Gov. Jared Polis on announces Water ’22 photo

State water education campaign focuses on individual actions

At the meeting of the Colorado Water Congress, Gov. Jared Polis unveiled a statewide initiative to educate Coloradans on water conservation.
Glen Canyon Dam photo

As Colorado River reservoirs shrink, feds ask for work-arounds for 2022

As drought threatens Colorado River reservoirs' ability to generate hydropower, the Bureau of Reclamation is creating work-arounds.

Special Report: Climate change is sapping Colorado’s water supplies. Can its hallmark water law...

Colorado’s “first-in-time, first-in-right” prior appropriation doctrine is coming under increasing scrutiny as rivers and reservoirs dry out.
Lake Powell photo

Working within Colorado River’s 1922 water compact for 21st century focus of annual meeting

Water leaders from each of the Colorado River basin states will soon meet for the annual Colorado River Water Users Association Conference.
Cow Creek photo

Ouray County asks state water board to delay filing aimed at instream flow protection

Ouray County is asking the state water board to delay a court filing designed to protect streamflows and resolve issues in a related case.
Integrated Water Resources Plan land photo

Aspen officials release plan laying out 50 years of water projects

Aspen’s new water resource plan outlines the strategy for creating emergency storage to address threats to existing supplies.
Sign at a boat ramp on Lake Mead, near Boulder City, Nevada, Aug. 13, 2021. The lake currently is roughly two-thirds empty. AP Photo/John Locher

As climate change parches the Southwest, here’s a better way to share water from...

With users facing severe water shortages, the 1922 Colorado Compact is inadequate to deal with scarcity, and a better approach is needed.

West Slope water officials sound alarm on climate change, shrinking water supplies

Colorado West Slope water officials turned up the volume on the call for action around water and climate change, calling it a “train wreck.”

“A generational historic struggle to regain our water”

The Gila River Indian Community is ensuring that members can use their own resources while helping solve water supply problems in the region.