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Photos: Animas River aerials, May 2023

This page in our free multimedia library features aerial photos of the Animas River in southwest Colorado. The Animas River begins high in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado,...

Can Colorado’s source streams make a comeback? These scientists, and beavers, think so

Restoring natural infrastructure, such as beaver habitat and the wetlands it creates, could shield communities from damaging floods, remove toxins and high sediment loads from water, and reduce the apocalyptic effects of megafires.

Pitkin County aims to bring back beavers

Pitkin County is making beavers a top priority, funding measures that may eventually restore North America’s largest rodent to the Roaring Fork watershed.

The fun is back at Blue Mesa and other reservoirs, as heavy winter snows...

Southwestern Colorado’s Blue Mesa Reservoir, drained by years of drought and a major release of water designed to aid a plummeting Lake Powell, is experiencing a rebirth this summer.

Once ‘paradise,’ parched Colorado valley grapples with arsenic in water

Decades of climate change-driven drought, combined with the overpumping of aquifers, is making the valley desperately dry — and appears to be intensifying the levels of heavy metals in drinking water.

Renegade rancher

40 million people rely on the Colorado River system for water and power. But after 20 years of drought, the river basin is running low. For the Water Desk,...

Photos: Dolores River and McPhee Reservoir, May 2023

This page features aerial photos of the Dolores River and McPhee Reservoir in southwest Colorado. The Dolores River begins in the San Juan Mountains and meets the Colorado River in...

New study shows Durango’s water supplies declining dramatically as climate change, drought hit home

A new study finds that Durango can no longer depend solely on direct flow from the Florida and Animas rivers for a reliable supply of water.

Photos and videos: Arkansas River, Colorado, March 2021

This page features ground-based and drone-captured photos and videos of the Arkansas River in central Colorado. The Arkansas River begins near Leadville, Colorado and travels nearly 1,500 miles until it...

Photos and videos: Twin Lakes, Colorado, March 2021

This page features drone-captured photos and videos of Twin Lakes in central Colorado. The Twin Lakes are alpine lakes near the headwaters of the Arkansas River that were carved by...