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Photos: Gila River, Arizona

This page features imagery of the Gila River in Arizona. Flowing through New Mexico and Arizona, the 649-mile Gila River is a tributary to the Colorado River, though today only...

Photos: Senator Wash and Squaw Lake, February 2021

This page features photos of Senator Wash Reservoir and Squaw Lake along the Lower Colorado River. Located just above Imperial Dam on the California/Arizona border, both Senator Wash and Squaw...

Photos: Xeriscaping in Phoenix

This page features photos of xeriscaping in Phoenix, Arizona. Xeriscaping is the practice of designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation. Homeowners can opt for yards filled...
Glen Canyon Dam photo

Recent drop in Lake Powell’s storage shows how much space sediment is taking up

A new study shows that sedimentation from the Colorado River means that Lake Powell's storage capacity is lower than previously believed.

Photos: Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation

This page features aerial and ground-based photos of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation near Parker, Arizona. Created by the federal government in 1865, the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT)...
The Roaring Fork River seen here on May 24 near the Catherine Store Bridge in Carbondale. Downstream at Glenwood Springs, the river peaked for the season on May 20, early and outside the window of what’s considered normal. CREDIT: HEATHER SACKETT/ASPEN JOURNALISM

Early peak runoff for Western Slope rivers

Snowpack in Colorado is melting earlier than expected due to an increase in dust storm severity.
Paul Sanchez drives the custom guayule bailer photo

What should farmers grow in the desert?

As the Colorado River withers, a rubber company tries to persuade Arizona farmers to grow a latex-producing crop that’s adapted to arid conditions.

Photos: Roosevelt Lake and Dam, Arizona, February 2021

This page features photos of Theodore Roosevelt Lake and Theodore Roosevelt Dam, along the Salt River east of Phoenix. Roosevelt Dam, which rises 357 feet, was the first structure completed...
The white ‘bathtub ring’ around Lake Mead, shown on Jan. 11, 2022, is roughly 160 feet high and reflects falling water levels. George Rose/Getty Images

What is dead pool? A water expert explains

Lake Mead and Lake Powell could reach water levels low enough to halt hydropower production.

Photos: Agriculture in Dome Valley, Arizona

This page features photos of agriculture in the Dome Valley near Yuma, Arizona. Located in southwestern Arizona’s Yuma County, the Dome Valley is known for its winter lettuce and kale...