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Hydroelectric turbine at Glen Canyon Dam photo

Powell’s looming power problem

Drought and demand threaten a critical component of the Western grid as Lake Powell approaches minimum power pool for the first time.
Part of the mining operations at the marble quarry as seen from a path above the quarry in September 2021. The quarry operators will have to comply with 10 special conditions as part of their permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Marble quarry must build bridge, culvert and improve stream for Clean Water Act violation

Colorado Stone Quarries must rehabilitate streams they illegally diverted in 2018, but some say even more needs to be done.

Photos: Granite Reef Underground Storage Project, January 2019

This page features aerial photos of the Granite Reef Underground Storage Project (GRUSP), near Mesa, Arizona. Roughly four miles downstream from the Granite Reef Diversion Dam, the GRUSP is a...
A view of the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell photo

As Lake Powell dries up, the US turns to creative accounting for a short-term...

A new agreement calls for Western states to leave their drinking water in the reservoir — and act as if they didn't.

Feds, 4 Colorado River states unveil draft drought operations plan as 2022 forecast shift

The Bureau of Reclamation and the Upper Basin states have drawn up a proposed framework to create plans to maintain Lake Powell water levels.

Photos: Central Arizona Project

This page features photos of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal, a cornerstone of Arizona's water supply. Created in 1968 by the Colorado River Basin Project Act, the CAP is...

Photos: University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

This page contains photos from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research in the University of Arizona’s College of Science. The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is a global hub of dendrochronology: the...

Crystal River restoration finding its footing in Carbondale park

Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Conservancy are finalizing funding to restore a half-mile stretch of the Crystal River and 18 acres of riparian habitat.

The US is making plans to replace all of its lead water pipes from...

The Biden administration has released a plan to accelerate removal of lead water pipes and lead paint from U.S. homes.

New era? Western cities using wetland parks, stormwater capture and mobile wastewater collection

Western cities are using new tactics to address shrinking water supplies due to drought and population growth.