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Mario Atencio’s family never received a notification that 1,100 barrels of produced water—a byproduct of oil and gas extraction—had spilled on their allotment in February 2019 near Counselor, New Mexico in the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation, near Chaco Culture National Historical Park. It wasn’t until later that the Atencios learned about the incident and, with the help of...

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Scientist Adrienne Marshall explains why these extreme snow years are expected to decline in our warming world.

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No joke: April 1 readings were decent across many parts of the West, but some areas are still stuck in a snow drought

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These "rivers in the sky" can cause catastrophic flooding but are also critical for the West's snowpack

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Staying safe with the Winter Storm Severity Index

This pragmatic tool from federal forecasters illustrates where snow, ice, and wind can be deadly and disruptive.

Billions in federal assistance after New Mexico’s largest wildfire. But little...

Stream restoration beset by lack of money and workers.

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