Using drone and aerial imagery – Water Buffs Podcast ep. 6 – Mitch Tobin

Journalist Geoff McGhee talks to Water Desk Director Mitch Tobin about how imagery captured by planes and drones can help explain water issues.

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Aerial imagery captured with planes and drones can help illustrate the lay of the land and explain both natural and manmade water systems. The Water Desk’s open-source multimedia library offers both still imagery and video footage from a bird’s-eye view. In this episode, Water Desk Director Mitch Tobin explains the initiative’s partnership with LightHawk and his own work filming water-related locations with a drone.

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the pandemic forced LightHawk to shift to pilot-only flights, but we are now using mounted GoPros to capture imagery.

Episode highlights

Mitch Tobin, Director of the Water Desk Mitch Tobin, Director of the Water Desk
Mitch is a licensed drone pilot with extensive experience taking aerial stills and video. He talks about the journalistic uses of aerials and the Water Desk’s resources for reporters.
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How are aerials useful for water journalism?   (2:15)
Partnership with for aerial video Partnership with for aerial video
The Water Desk partners with Lighthawk to get journalists up in the air to gain a different perspective and integrate aerial reporting and images into their work.

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Aerial shoots: know before you go   (8:43)
Water Words: ”Headwaters” Water Words: ”Headwaters”
The term “headwaters” refers to the area where a stream or river begins.
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Be aware of no-fly zones   (13:25)
Dealing with motion sickness on the plane   (13:36)
How the Water Desk uses drone footage How the Water Desk uses drone footage  
Browse the Water Desk’s drone and aerial footage, collected in an interactive map.

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Commercial drone use requires certification   (20:55)
How to use drone imagery in stories   (22:42)
Value in crisis journalism – but mind the risks   (25:28)
Controlling a drone Controlling a drone   (28:36)
Avoiding #dronefails   (30:12)
Drones-eye-view with VR controller   (32:01)
Differences between aerial and drone footage   (36:52)
Using automated features to pilot safely   (39:20)
How journalists can work with Lighthawk and the Water Desk   (40:42)
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