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Toxic waste from uranium pool photo

Two Southwest tribes raise concerns over uranium storage

In Utah, a pool of toxic waste is emitting dangerous amounts of radon to the surrounding communities, including the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.
Hydroelectric turbine at Glen Canyon Dam photo

Powell’s looming power problem

Drought and demand threaten a critical component of the Western grid as Lake Powell approaches minimum power pool for the first time.
The Roaring Fork River seen here on May 24 near the Catherine Store Bridge in Carbondale. Downstream at Glenwood Springs, the river peaked for the season on May 20, early and outside the window of what’s considered normal. CREDIT: HEATHER SACKETT/ASPEN JOURNALISM

Early peak runoff for Western Slope rivers

Snowpack in Colorado is melting earlier than expected due to an increase in dust storm severity.
The white ‘bathtub ring’ around Lake Mead, shown on Jan. 11, 2022, is roughly 160 feet high and reflects falling water levels. George Rose/Getty Images

What is dead pool? A water expert explains

Lake Mead and Lake Powell could reach water levels low enough to halt hydropower production.
Lake Powell's Glen Canyon Dam photo

New forecast: Lake Powell electricity production to drop, as officials race to boost water...

Electricity produced at Glen Canyon Dam has been cut in half by the 20-year drought.
The main boat ramp at Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell photo

Lake Powell to dip below target elevation

Despite emergency releases from upper basin reservoirs to prop up Lake Powell, levels are still projected to dip below a critical threshold.

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Survey results: How Washington County residents feel about the Lake Powell Pipeline

A majority of survey respondents said they support the project but don’t want to pay for it and would conserve more water in order to avoid it.

Navajo water

Many residents on the Navajo Reservation are now enjoying clean, running water and solar power in their homes, benefiting from DigDeep’s ambitious project to transform their daily lives with...