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Photos: Navajo Generating Station, Arizona, December 2019

This page features photos of Navajo Generating Station, a large coal-fired power plant near Page, Arizona that was decommissioned in 2019. The power...

Photos: Lees Ferry and Navajo Bridge, Arizona, December 2019

This page features photos of the Colorado River and Paria River at Lees Ferry, as well as nearby Navajo Bridge and Marble Canyon...

Colorado River Econ 101

The white-water rafting industry depends on reliable flows from the Colorado River through Canyonlands National Park. (Patrick Cone, National Parks Traveler) By...

Climate change reducing Colorado River runoff

As climate warming shrinks the Colorado River Basin's snowpack, runoff into the river will decrease by 9.5% per 1 degree C (Patrick Cone, National Parks Traveler)

Not enough water and too many invasives at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Years of drought, upstream diversions and impoundments, and an overly optimistic forecast of Colorado River flows, have sapped the river once literally called Grand.

How climate change is redesigning Canyonlands National Park

A warming climate has been linked to human activity around the world, and has affected the Colorado River System as well. The impacts are substantial, from reduced water flows, threats to indigenous species and the influx of new invasive species along the river system.

Photos: Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, December 2019

This page features photos of the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend, near Page, Arizona. This scenic vista in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area,...

Photos: Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona, December 2019

This page features photos of Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, near Page, Arizona. The 710-foot dam, which was built from 1956 to...

As temperatures rise, Arizona sinks

The combination of groundwater pumping and warmer temperatures is shrinking aquifers and lowering water tables in Arizona.