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Photos: Grand Canyon rafting, fall 2019

This page features photos of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park during a rafting trip in fall 2019. The Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon over eons, but...

Streamflows in southern half of upper Colorado River basin declining faster

New climate data shows a north/south split in streamflow declines in the Colorado River Basin.
Water arriving by truck photo

Avoiding water bankruptcy in the drought-troubled Southwest: What the US and Iran can learn...

Past mistakes offer important lessons for future plans in the Southwest and other regions increasingly experiencing drought and water shortages.
Yampa River photo

Steamboat looks to new program to address high river temperatures

Steamboat Springs is trying to comply with state regulations and also cool down chronically high temperatures in an impaired stretch of the Yampa River.
Little Bear Ranch photo

Water planners pray for snow as 2022 forecast shows dry weather ahead

Colorado’s water forecast, already strained by back-to-back drought years, is unlikely to brighten this fall and winter.
Lightning during a monsoon storm photo

Monsoons make deserts bloom in the US Southwest, but climate change is making these...

Understanding monsoons is critical for educating communities about their benefits and risks, and about how to stay safe from flash flooding.
Irrigation from the Crystal River photo

River District report highlights Western Slope concerns with state water-savings plan

The Colorado River Water Conservation District staff plans to present its own framework for a water-savings plan at its October board meeting.

In an arid U.S. West, water agencies look to delive​r​ purified wastewater directly to...

Western water ​experts are working to not only conserve water, but to also reuse as much wastewater as possible​,​ including ​through direct potable reuse​.​
Windy Gap Reservoir photo

Jackpot: Colorado stimulus funds boost water grants to $13M

Environment and recreation projects represented the largest slice of the pie at $6.6 million.

Photos: Flaming Gorge Reservoir, June 2021

This page features photos of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, which impounds the Green River in Wyoming and Utah. The Green River is the most significant tributary of the Colorado River. Flaming...