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New study shows Durango’s water supplies declining dramatically as climate change, drought hit home

A new study finds that Durango can no longer depend solely on direct flow from the Florida and Animas rivers for a reliable supply of water.

Supreme Court rules the US is not required to ensure access to water for...

The Navajo quest for a clear determination of their water rights is rooted in America’s history of removing Native Americans from their lands and moving them to areas with fewer resources.

Saving a river

In the arid Southwest, where water scarcity often divides competing interests, an innovative approach could become the model for future cooperation. Brad Hicks shows you how a river is being...

An Arizona water story where ranchers, environmentalists and developers are collaborating

A nonprofit trust is in the middle of a five-phase campaign to purchase and protect Sopori Creek and Farm and its larger watershed and habitat.

Photos and videos: Arkansas River, Colorado, March 2021

This page features ground-based and drone-captured photos and videos of the Arkansas River in central Colorado. The Arkansas River begins near Leadville, Colorado and travels nearly 1,500 miles until it...

Upper Colorado River states add muscle as decisions loom on the shrinking river’s future

Upper basin states seek added leverage to protect their river shares amid difficult talks with California and the lower basin

Farmers weigh tough choices as uncertain water future looms

With unpredictable water resources, farmers in New Mexico must gamble in order to keep their agricultural production viable.

Diverting the Rio Grande into a grown-over, decades-old canal could cut New Mexico’s water...

New Mexico once again owes Texas a massive water debt, so water managers are considering resurrecting the original purpose of the channel.

Photos and videos: Twin Lakes, Colorado, March 2021

This page features drone-captured photos and videos of Twin Lakes in central Colorado. The Twin Lakes are alpine lakes near the headwaters of the Arkansas River that were carved by...

Colorado River states bought time with a 3-year water conservation deal – now they...

The May 2023 deal staves off an immediate water crisis but does not solve long-term problems in the Colorado River Basin.