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The Colorado River flows towards Horsethief Canyon photo

Special Report: As Lake Powell hits record lows, is filling a new drought pool...

The drought pool would be filled voluntarily, largely by farmers and ranchers, who would be paid to temporarily dry up their fields.

Survey results: How Washington County residents feel about the Lake Powell Pipeline

A majority of survey respondents said they support the project but don’t want to pay for it and would conserve more water in order to avoid it.

As the Colorado River shrinks, can the basin find an equitable solution in sharing...

Drought and climate change are raising concerns that a century-old compact that divided the river’s waters could force unwelcome cuts in use for the upper watershed.

Data viz: Elephant Butte Reservoir levels

Last update: September 21, 2022 Percent of total capacity Source: US Bureau of Reclamation

Dropping reservoirs create ‘green light’ for sustainability on Colorado River

Dropping reservoir levels have opened a window of opportunity for water-management policies that move the river system toward sustainability.

Data viz: Navajo Lake levels

Last update: September 21, 2022 Percent of total capacity Source: US Bureau of Reclamation
Glen Canyon Dam photo

As Colorado River reservoirs shrink, feds ask for work-arounds for 2022

As drought threatens Colorado River reservoirs' ability to generate hydropower, the Bureau of Reclamation is creating work-arounds.

Special Report: Climate change is sapping Colorado’s water supplies. Can its hallmark water law...

Colorado’s “first-in-time, first-in-right” prior appropriation doctrine is coming under increasing scrutiny as rivers and reservoirs dry out.

Photos: Fontenelle Dam and Reservoir, August 2021

This page features imagery of Fontenelle Reservoir along the Green River in southwestern Wyoming. Created by Fontenelle Dam, a 139-foot earthfill dam, Fontenelle Reservoir has a storage capacity of 345,000...

Photos: Morelos Dam, October 2018

This page contains ground-based and aerial photos of Morelos Dam just south of where California, Arizona and Mexico meet. Morelos Dam was constructed in 1950 after The Mexican Water Treaty...