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Water arriving by truck photo

Avoiding water bankruptcy in the drought-troubled Southwest: What the US and Iran can learn...

Past mistakes offer important lessons for future plans in the Southwest and other regions increasingly experiencing drought and water shortages.
Little Bear Ranch photo

Water planners pray for snow as 2022 forecast shows dry weather ahead

Colorado’s water forecast, already strained by back-to-back drought years, is unlikely to brighten this fall and winter.
Lightning during a monsoon storm photo

Monsoons make deserts bloom in the US Southwest, but climate change is making these...

Understanding monsoons is critical for educating communities about their benefits and risks, and about how to stay safe from flash flooding.

Photos: Flaming Gorge Reservoir, June 2021

This page features photos of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, which impounds the Green River in Wyoming and Utah. The Green River is the most significant tributary of the Colorado River. Flaming...

Photos: Blue Mesa Reservoir, July 2021

This page features photos of Blue Mesa Reservoir, along the Gunnison River in Colorado's Curecanti National Recreation Area. Created by 390-foot Blue Mesa Dam, the reservoir has a capacity of 829,500 acre-feet, making it...
Cedar Springs Marina photo

Feds won’t do more emergency water releases to aid Lake Powell after this year

The releases from Flaming Gorge, Blue Mesa and Navajo reservoirs are designed to bolster hydropower production at the ailing Lake Powell.
Elk Creek Marina photo

Blue Mesa Reservoir releases to prop up Lake Powell impacting recreation

In an effort to prop up water levels at Lake Powell, water managers are negatively impacting recreation on Colorado’s biggest man-made lake. 
Cow Creek photo

Ouray County water project faces opposition from state, others

A proposed reservoir, pipeline and water exchange in western Colorado could impact fish and environmental flows.
Glen Canyon Dam photo

Electric costs in Colorado set to surge as Lake Powell struggles to produce hydropower

A federal agency aims to offset rising costs linked to Lake Powell’s inability to produce as much hydropower due to drought.

Photos and videos: Navajo Dam and Navajo Lake, August 2021

This page features imagery and videos of of Navajo Lake and Navajo Dam, along the San Juan River in northwest New Mexico. The image and video galleries are available for...