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Blue Mesa Reservoir releases to prop up Lake Powell impacting recreation

In an effort to prop up water levels at Lake Powell, water managers are negatively impacting recreation on Colorado’s biggest man-made lake. 
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Electric costs in Colorado set to surge as Lake Powell struggles to produce hydropower

A federal agency aims to offset rising costs linked to Lake Powell’s inability to produce as much hydropower due to drought.
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Is climate change to blame for extreme weather events? Attribution science says yes, for...

There has always been extreme weather, but human-caused global warming can increase extreme weather’s frequency and severity.
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State water task force issues anti-profiteering report; critics say it falls short

A state group examining water speculation identified eight ideas to stop water hoarding, but failed to provide legislative recommendations.
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The water cycle is intensifying as the climate warms, IPCC report warns – that...

Water-related hazards can be exceptionally destructive, and the impact of climate change on water-related disasters is increasingly evident.
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Back-to-back droughts choke Western Colorado as winter forecast darkens

A repeat of dry conditions in 2021 is making Colorado’s continuing drought across swaths of the state’s Western Slope even more devastating.
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Just 53% of Colorado cities use permanent watering restrictions, despite proven savings

Despite a drought and below-normal reservoir levels, communities remain split on permanent outdoor watering restrictions.

Snow can disappear straight into the atmosphere in hot, dry weather

Scientists are exploring how droughts can lead to chronically dry soil that sucks up more water than normal in the American West.

Demand management discussions continue amid worsening Colorado River crisis

The crisis on the Colorado River is not waiting for the state of Colorado to develop a program to avoid water shortages.
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Facing drought and increased demands, Colorado communities eye new storage alternatives

Colorado could need 750,000 acre-feet of new water supplies by 2050 for its growing population, but how to store that water isn’t clear.