Photos: Bullfrog Marina and Lake Powell, October 2022

This page features aerial and ground-based photos of Lake Powell’s Bullfrog Marina in southern Utah.

Created by Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell is the second-largest reservoir in the nation by capacity.

Bullfrog is one of several marinas at Lake Powell that have been affected by the ongoing megadrought and declining reservoir levels. The water has receded so far that two of Bullfrog Marina’s three boat launches now end well short of the waterline, rendering them useless.

For more information on changing lake levels and the status of Powell’s marinas, see this page from the National Park Service, which manages Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

DateOctober 16, 2022
LocationBullfrog Marina, Utah (map)
CreditAlexander Heilner/The Water Desk with aerial support from LightHawk
RightsFree to reuse under Creative Commons license.

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