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‘This system cannot be sustained’

This year, tribal nations enter negotiations over Colorado River water.

Water is life. It’s also a battle. So what does the future hold for...

An explanation of California’s water development — as well as the challenges, today and tomorrow, of providing water for the state’s people, places and things.

Videos and photos: Yampa River, December 2019

This page features drone footage and still imagery of the Yampa River near Stagecoach Reservoir and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. View this gallery for high-resolution downloads » DateDecember 22-23,...
Video story: The value of water

Video story: The value of water (full length)

With population growth around Denver prompting fierce competition for water, investors want to import a new supply from the San Luis Valley, but many farmers and ranchers who depend on that water are opposed to the plan.

Videos and photos: Blue River drone flight, December 2019

This page features drone-captured imagery of the Blue River, north of Silverthorne, Colorado. A tributary of the Colorado River, the Blue River runs for 65 miles and offers Gold...

Report: Colorado’s farm water use exceeds national average, despite efforts to conserve

Farm water is critical to Colorado’s effort to balance a growing population with a water system stressed by drought and climate change.

Garfield County to lease its Ruedi Reservoir water to help endangered fish in Colorado...

The move is meant to help humpback chub, bonytail, razorback sucker and Colorado pikeminnow in an often-depleted section of the Colorado River.

Mobile-home residents stuck in a regulatory roundabout

It's unclear whether a new law could improve water quality in the Eagle River Village park, but legislators want to pressure owners to do more.

Owners of Eagle River Village mobile-home park defend water quality

Residents of a mobile home park in Edwards say their well water tastes, looks and smells bad.

Humans are great at giving real problems the side-eye

Two new books provide insights into the willful ignorance that lead to the West’s water woes.