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Environmental release flows into the El Chausse restoration site photo
Despite water shortages along the drought-stressed Colorado River, experimental flows resumed in Mexico to revive trees and provide habitat.

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Homestake hike highlights uncertainties with proposed reservoir project

A project in the Upper Eagle River watershed proposes to send water from the Colorado River basin to the fast-growing Front Range. 
Cedar Springs Marina photo

Feds won’t do more emergency water releases to aid Lake Powell...

The releases from Flaming Gorge, Blue Mesa and Navajo reservoirs are designed to bolster hydropower production at the ailing Lake Powell.
Elk Creek Marina photo

Blue Mesa Reservoir releases to prop up Lake Powell impacting recreation

In an effort to prop up water levels at Lake Powell, water managers are negatively impacting recreation on Colorado’s biggest man-made lake. 
Cow Creek photo

Ouray County water project faces opposition from state, others

A proposed reservoir, pipeline and water exchange in western Colorado could impact fish and environmental flows.
Glen Canyon Dam photo

Electric costs in Colorado set to surge as Lake Powell struggles...

A federal agency aims to offset rising costs linked to Lake Powell’s inability to produce as much hydropower due to drought.
Center pivot irrigation photo

State water task force issues anti-profiteering report; critics say it falls...

A state group examining water speculation identified eight ideas to stop water hoarding, but failed to provide legislative recommendations.

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