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Megafires triggered by drought and climate change have ravaged major Colorado water systems, and recent snowmelt will only make things worse.

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Running out of water and time: How unprepared is California for...

The most acute problem, experts say, is the lack of controls on groundwater pumping.
Rocky Mountain National Park burn photo

Funding shortfalls, bureaucratic barriers hobble efforts to restore Colorado’s fire-scarred water...

Funding shortfalls are hobbling efforts to clean up watersheds and protect drinking water for more than 1 million Coloradans.

Basin roundtables push back on Colorado Water Conservation Board’s proposed code...

The state water board is encouraging roundtables to adopt a code of conduct, but some Western Slope roundtables are pushing back.
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Water wells are at risk of going dry in the US...

Wells that irrigate agriculture and supply drinking water to more than 100 million Americans are at risk from over-pumping.
Yampa River photo

As iconic Yampa River flows drop, Colorado moves to tighten oversight

With drought continuing to grip the American West, Colorado is declaring one of its last, mostly free-flowing rivers as over-appropriated.
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A dam in Grand County is showing an increasing risk of...

Problems with a Grand County, Colorado dam are turning out to be worse than previously thought, and may be tough to plan for moving forward.

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