Aerial video: Colorado River and Green River in Utah, October 2020

This page features video footage shot with a mounted GoPro camera during a Lighthawk flight above the Green River, Colorado River and their confluence in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

The footage was captured using a GoPro Max 360-degree camera, which films in all directions.

See this page for other aerial videos and photos of the Green River, Colorado River and Lake Powell.

In the video player below, you can control the angle of the camera by clicking/dragging your mouse across the screen or by using the button in the upper left corner. Moving your mobile device around will also adjust the view.

DateOctober 12, 2020
LocationsColorado River, Green River, and Canyonlands National Park
PhotographerLightHawk volunteer pilot Ross Rice
OrganizationThe Water Desk and Lighthawk
RightsFree to reuse under Creative Commons license, with credit to “ /”

The clips below show the same segment of the flight from different camera angles. The still images are exported frames.

All of the content in our multimedia library is available for free download and reuse under a Creative Commons license.

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