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Water planners pray for snow as 2022 forecast shows dry weather ahead

Colorado’s water forecast, already strained by back-to-back drought years, is unlikely to brighten this fall and winter.
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Jackpot: Colorado stimulus funds boost water grants to $13M

Environment and recreation projects represented the largest slice of the pie at $6.6 million.
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Feds won’t do more emergency water releases to aid Lake Powell after this year

The releases from Flaming Gorge, Blue Mesa and Navajo reservoirs are designed to bolster hydropower production at the ailing Lake Powell.
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Electric costs in Colorado set to surge as Lake Powell struggles to produce hydropower

A federal agency aims to offset rising costs linked to Lake Powell’s inability to produce as much hydropower due to drought.
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State water task force issues anti-profiteering report; critics say it falls short

A state group examining water speculation identified eight ideas to stop water hoarding, but failed to provide legislative recommendations.
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Back-to-back droughts choke Western Colorado as winter forecast darkens

A repeat of dry conditions in 2021 is making Colorado’s continuing drought across swaths of the state’s Western Slope even more devastating.
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Tri-State, Xcel, Colorado eye Yampa River water for “green hydrogen” projects

The Yampa Valley’s existing coal-fired plants have strong water portfolios that could be used to create green hydrogen or another storage technology called molten salt.
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A “gut punch” as water rushes from Flaming Gorge to save Lake Powell’s hydropower...

The drought hit crisis proportions this summer, pushing lakes Powell and Mead to historic lows and triggering emergency releases.
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Just 53% of Colorado cities use permanent watering restrictions, despite proven savings

Despite a drought and below-normal reservoir levels, communities remain split on permanent outdoor watering restrictions.
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Colorado reaches settlement on Chatfield Reservoir environmental water plan

Colorado water officials have reached a settlement removing one of the last barriers to a new water program in Chatfield Reservoir.