Media and journalism

On this page you’ll find a guide to water media, a Twitter list for Western water and examples of great water journalism.

Water news sources

One of the best ways to educate yourself about water issues is to start consuming some of the great work that journalists produce every day on the subject. Here we present a list of media outlets, bloggers, aggregators and other sources of water coverage.

The water field also has a number of helpful websites that aggregate coverage and deliver the latest news to you through email and other means.



Twitter list

If you’re looking to follow the work of individual journalists, Water Desk Director Mitch Tobin maintains a Twitter list of reporters, media, experts and organizations that focus on water in the West.


Great water journalism

Below are some of the many great journalism projects that have been devoted to Western water issues and the Colorado River in recent years.

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Do you know of other great water-related journalism or valuable sources of journalistic coverage of Western water issues? Please contact us so we can consider adding to this page.