Data vis for water journalism – Water Buffs Podcast ep. 1 – Geoff McGhee

In the debut podcast from the Water Desk and the University of Colorado, Geoff McGhee talks about how data visualizations can engage audiences and shed light on water issues.

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Maps, charts, graphics and other data visualizations can be a fantastic tool for explaining water issues. Data visualization is one of the types of journalism that The Water Desk is focusing on as we seek to strengthen water-related coverage. In this episode, we talk with Water Desk consultant Geoff McGhee about some of the ways that data visualizations can help journalists tell stories about water. We discuss four dashboards on our website,, that allow users to track and analyze data on drought, precipitation, the snowpack and major dams and reservoirs.

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Mitch Tobin Introducing “Water Buffs”
Water Desk director Mitch Tobin introduces the first episode of our podcast, available in video and audio wherever you get your podcasts.
Starts at 0:00
Geoff McGhee Data viz and water
Water Desk consultant Geoff McGhee talks about some of the ways that data visualizations can help journalists tell stories about water.
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Starts at 0:29
Water Words: Acre-Feet
We explain the somewhat arcane measurement that is used widely in U.S. water circles.
Starts at 13:39

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